Common Baby Booger Colors And What They Mean

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There may not be anything that makes a parent feel more helpless than when their little one is stuffy, congested, and uncomfortable. Dripping snot, constant fussing, and other signs of discomfort can make both you and your infant or toddler miserable. Whether it’s a cold, allergies, or a different cause, baby congestion is something that happens quite often.

Baby Booger Colors

When our little ones are congested, they often have a seemingly-endless amount of snot and boogers coming out of their nose. You’re not alone, seeing various colors of baby boogers and snot can raise a lot of concern and cause nervousness. Should I call my pediatrician? Is this something that requires emergency care? Why are my baby’s boogers that color? — These are a few of the many questions that race through parents heads. However, before you make any hasty decisions, you should first find out what the color of your baby’s boogers and mucus actually means. In this blog, we are going to review the most common baby booger colors and what they likely mean.

White Baby Boogers

Boogers and mucus that is white is more common in little ones over the age of one year. Generally, white boogers are formed after dairy consumption and it is nothing that parents need to worry about. Dairy, such as milk, will make boogers and snot thicken — and, let’s be honest, infants and toddlers tend to consume a lot of diary. Once they get older, white, thick, and sticky boogers and mucus can be a sign of dehydration.

Light Yellow Baby Boogers

Boogers can turn a light-yellow when they sit in your baby’s nose for a while. This usually is nothing to be concerned about. Many parents think their baby has a sinus infection at the sight of these boogers, but the cause could be a simple as a cold progressing into the thick mucus stage. If your little one has yellow colored boogers and snot for more than two weeks, consider making an appointment with your pediatrician to check for a sinus infection.

Clear Baby Boogers

Clear boogers are the most common in babies and toddlers and should not raise any concern. Clear mucus is simply the bodies natural way of removing particles from the nose and preventing them from getting into the lungs. Excessive clear baby mucus and boogers could be due to allergies, exposure to cold or dry air, or a cold or flu in babies.

Green Baby Boogers

Baby boogers and snot often turn green as a cold progresses. In addition, green mucus can occur at the final phases of an infant sinus infection. Many parents notice green boogers and snot in the morning. There is no need to worry, as this is just from bacteria collecting in the mucus as your baby sleeps. The only time green boogers and mucus should cause some concern is if your baby has green snot and boogers for several days.

Bright Yellow Baby Boogers

If a baby’s boogers and mucus is ever a bright yellow, it could be a sign that they have already started to develop a sinus infection. When this occurs, watch for signs of illness and consider contacting your pediatrician.

Red, Brown, or Orange Baby Boogers

Any boogers that are of red, brown, or orange color is a sign that there is blood in your babies mucus. Boogers that are brighter red are indicators of new blood, while brown boogers are signs of older, dry blood coming out of your babies nose. Infant nose bleeds can occur without any reason, but it’s usually due to dry or cold weather conditions. You should only be concerned if their boogers and snot have blood in them for several days straight. If that’s the case, call your doctor.

Grey and Black Baby Boogers

Dark colored baby boogers often cause parents to worry. Grey and black baby mucus are generally an indicator that a baby has been around air pollution. From campfires, dust, smoke, and dirt, there are many particles that can get caught in baby boogers and snot. While a little one shouldn’t be around this pollution, black and grey mucus is a sign that their body is doing what it was made to do! Mucus helps prevent hazardous particles from getting into their tiny lungs and causing issues.

What To Do If Your Baby Is Congested

When it comes to our little one’s health, it’s always better to safe. If your baby is showing signs of discomfort and is experiencing any symptoms that worry you, you should always feel free to contact, or schedule an appointment with your pediatrician. However, baby congestion is common and various colors of boogers and mucus are often nothing to worry about.

Sometimes your little one will get so plugged up with boogers and mucus that they need a little help. Many parents use a bulb suction tool from a hospital to suck and remove excess snot from their nose. This is usually an ineffective method to remove boogers and mucus from a baby’s nose because they are often too big and are ineffective at removing dry and sticky stuff. Not to mention, these suction tools aren’t meant for little noses and nasal passages. Plus, bulbs often push the mucus further into the nose making it harder to reach and creating more discomfort for baby. Saline drops are another method parents use to relieve baby congestion, but spraying mist into a sleeping baby’s nose in the middle of the night is something no parent enjoys.

The oogiebear is a baby booger removal tool that a safe and effective way to remove both stick and dry boogers from a baby’s nose, helping them breathe better! This baby booger getter is made of soft, durable rubber that is easy for parents to hold and gentle enough for little baby noses. The oogiebear also works for baby ear wax removal!

How to use oogiebear

Oogie bear has two sides, a loop end and a scoop end. The loop end is perfect for getting those sticky baby boogers that nasal aspirators often won’t get. The scoop end is effective at safely removing the crusty and dried boogers. Simply insert the desired end gently into a baby’s nostril, moving it to catch any boogers. The bear-head design of the oogiebear helps prevent the booger remover tool from going too far into the babies nose, making it both fun and safe!

Baby boogers, no matter the color, or whether they are sticky or dry, are no match for the oogiebear! When your baby is congested, this is the best tool for removing baby boogers! Interested in getting this revolutionary infant booger picker tool for your own? Buy oogiebear today and make baby booger removal safe, effective, and a little less gross!

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